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Don't just tell your story.
Make your audience love it.

Are we the right filmmaking agency for you?
We produce marketing, training, fundraising, artistic, and documentary videos.

Some of our work

How we work with you?

We listen to you.

We meet with you for a first meeting to learn more about your organization, your brand positioning and guidelines, your communication goal, and your timeline and budget range.

We strategize.

We come back to you with a creative strategy, a couple of creative treatments and quotes to choose from, a production timeline, and a feedback/approval process.

We produce.

Depending on the size and urgency of your project, we gather the right talent and tools to produce your content. We constantly communicate with you to keep you up to date.

We keep in touch.

Once the project is completed and we delivered to you all your videos, we keep in touch. Just in case you'll need future edits of that footage, or would like to start a new project with us!

Stop Motion

An unyielding passion for the craft drives us, and for over two decades, we've been bringing stories to life with our storytelling, creativity, and cameras.


With each project, we strive to capture the essence of our client's vision and deliver a unique final product that connects with audiences empowering the CTA.

Two-camera interview setup.

Our Services

At Street Lamp, we can work with you from conception to final delivery or offer stand-alone services such as video production daily packages or post-production services. Check out some starter packages below to get an idea of how we could work with you.

One-day one camera package

Ideal for educational purposes

One camera / Canon C500 mii

Crew of 3 / Producer, Dir. of Photo., and Prod. Assistant

Gear / Up to 4 lights, one wireless mics, Canon Lens

8-hour day, between 8 am and 7 pm. Transportation not included

Contact us to receive an official quote for your project.

One-day two cameras package

Ideal for high-end interviews


Two cameras / Canon C500 mii + Canon C300 miii

Crew of 4 / Producer, Dir. of Photo., Cam Operator, Prod. Assistant

Gear / Up to 6 lights, two wireless mics, Zeiss Lens

8-hour day, between 8 am and 7 pm. Transportation not included

Contact us to receive an official quote for your project.

From conception
to final delivery

Ideal for crafting something unique for you!

Our core team has an advertising and broadcast background and decades of experience working on documentaries, marketing videos, and artistic projects. We love to develop new creative strategies and ideas and new content.

Drop us a message to see if we can work on your next project together!

Tell us about your project and we'll get back to you shortly.

Street Lamp is based in Carmel, CA, and offers its services mainly across the West Coast.

Thanks for reaching out!

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