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Stop Motion Success: How Street Lamp's Creative Video Engaged Kids and Boosted Fundraising

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Stop motion set

In one of our past projects, we utilized stop motion to create a fundraising video for a local school. The video aimed to engage the children in the film-making process, creating a buzz within the school's community that contributed to the annual fundraising event's success. The goal was to support the school's various needs through the funds raised.

Stop motion is a unique and creative approach to creating video content. It involves taking a series of photographs and playing them back at high speed to give the illusion of motion. This technique was used by Street Lamp to create an engaging and fun fundraising video for the school. By involving the children in the process, it helped create a sense of ownership, excitement, and anticipation about the final result.

Street Lamp worked closely with the school to create a concept that would showcase the needs of the school while keeping it fun and engaging. The goal was to make the children excited about the project while also informing parents and community members about the fundraising event's goals.

The children were divided into teams, with each group responsible for creating a specific scene for the video. They used various materials, including cloths and paper, to create their scenes, which were then photographed by Street Lamp's team. The photographs were then edited together to create a cohesive video, complete with music and sound effects. The stop motion scenes were then edited together with interviews and b-roll footage.

The final result was a captivating and entertaining video that showcased the different areas where the school needed support, including classroom resources, playground upgrades, and teacher training. The video's playful and creative nature engaged the children, making them excited about supporting their school while also drawing in parents and community members to get involved.

In conclusion, Street Lamp's use of stop motion to create a fundraising video for a local school successfully engaged children in the process and created a buzz within the school's community that contributed to the annual fundraising event's success. The use of stop motion proved to be an effective approach to creating engaging video content and a fun and engaging experience for those involved.


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